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Comedians Sam Avery & Katie Tracey fix the world’s minor problems.


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This week we're tackling SOAP OPERAS! Guilty pleasure or British institution? What is their enduring appeal? And is there anything that Jimmy Corkhill hasn't done? Contact us on fixtheworld999@gmail.c...
September 22, 2021
It's the ROAD TRIP special! We recorded this episode on the way to a gig so it seemed like the perfect time to discuss roadtrips. We now have an email address (OMG!) so get in touch with your feedback...
September 15, 2021
'Woah, night fever, night fever...' And if that doesn't make you think of nightclubs then this episode will! Join Sam and Kate as they discuss the Great British institution of boozing, puking and bagg...
September 8, 2021
Can we fix Airline Travel? Join us on this week's episode to find out! Thanks for listening, Sam and Kate xx
September 1, 2021
This week we just pressed record and talked for 30 minutes. We had fun and hope you enjoy the episode! Tell us what problems (minor or major!) you'd like to fix in future episodes on social media: FB:...
August 25, 2021
This week's episode is tackling CONSPIRACY THEORIES! Are they wild? Wacky? Plausible? Which ones are our faves? And was this post actually written by the illuminati...   Thanks for listening, Sam...
August 18, 2021
Cookery programmes - do you watch them? Do you LIKE them? Are they useful? And CAN WE FIX THEM? Thanks for all your support so far - if you'd like to help us get more listeners please tell your friend...
August 11, 2021
Space - the final frontier. But more importantly, the topic for our 11th episode! Would you go to space? If so, where would you go? And would you come back? Thanks for listening! xx
August 4, 2021
'Ooh fashion' as David Bowie once said. What is it? Is it good? Do you follow it? And more importantly, CAN WE FIX IT?! Thanks for listening. Please support the podcast by giving it a nice review on i...
July 28, 2021
The Tokyo Olympics starts this weekend so we thought we'd fix that. Simple, right? Find us on social media and tell us what needs fixing! FB: Twitter:
July 21, 2021

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