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Come and join Sam Avery (bestselling author, award winning blogger and stand up comedian) as he drinks coffee in his kitchen and rambles about life.


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In this cheeky bonus episode I chat about Aldi, Saturday Night Fever and the pure, unadulterated joy of a lie-in. If you'd like to join my mailing list and receive exclusive blogs and first access t...
February 20, 2018
This week I waffle on about being caffeine free, trampoline parks and Elvis impersonators.
February 15, 2018
This week I chat about man boobs, rooting through bins and a new soft play centre.
February 8, 2018
This week I ramble on about morning people, another fancy dress day at nursery and my trip to London. If you'd like to join my mailing list click here.
February 1, 2018
This week I talk about cutlery warfare, wet wiping your pits and tuppaware. Join my mailing list.
January 25, 2018
This week I chat about our broken boiler, bed sharing and a trip to the safari park. Have a little butchers at my new website:
January 18, 2018
This week I ramble on about motivation, the official end of nap time and watching telly.
January 11, 2018
Happy New Year everyone! Get stuck in.
January 2, 2018
I'm back with my last podcast of the year. Thanks to all of you for listening in 2017 - hopefully my dulcet tones will calm you as you're sucked into a scrum for the last piece of glazed ham in the m...
December 21, 2017
I'm drinking wine out of a mug for this episode. Don't get jealous though, you're free to join me.
December 8, 2017

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